Mamta chitnis Sen

"I paint to survive, to breathe free and add meaning to an existence called Life."

What objective is a piece of art? Is it created to suffice one’s soul—to inform the inner conscience and praise oneself or sympathise oneself for the accolades which have failed to come by? What is the objective of creating these art pieces? Is it to quench ones thirst in having achieved something wholeheartedly noble, chaste or prized? Or is it simply to show the whole damn world what a clever and talented soul you are? The reasons can be many—or eventually none at all.

For me, the process of creating my works on canvas began between 2010 and 2012, when I was confronted by the death of a close confidant, someone who I deeply loved and respected and the events that unfolded after drove me to immense pain and confusion. Out of this, began my unique journey of self realization, freedom and direction as an artist of discovery.